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Chemical Peels Specialist

Chappell Rosso Dermatology and The Laser & Aesthetic Center

Medical and Aesthetic Dermatology located in The Permian Basin, Odessa, TX

When you want to rejuvenate damaged skin for a younger, healthier appearance, including minimizing acne scars, a chemical peel may be an ideal solution. At Chappell Rosso Dermatology and Laser & Aesthetic Center of the Permian Basin, Robert Chappell, Jr., MD, and Ritchie Rosso, MD, along with their experienced medical aesthetic team, provide three levels of chemical peels for adults in the Permian Basin, Texas, and the surrounding communities who want to improve the appearance and texture of their facial skin. To learn which chemical peel can address your skin concerns, call the office or schedule an appointment online.

Chemical Peel Q & A

What is a chemical peel?

Chemical peels work through a topical solution that improves tone, texture, and the appearance of your skin by removing the outer, damaged layers of tissue. Sun exposure, acne, and aging can all cause wrinkles, discoloration, and scarring. Chemical peels improve your facial skin using different types of chemicals, depending on your needs.

Using glycolic or salicylic acid, peels can remove several layers of sun-damaged skin and even stimulate new collagen production. The team customizes a chemical peel treatment plan to deliver healthier, rejuvenated skin.

What skin concerns can chemical peels improve?

Chemical peels can improve the appearance of:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines under your eyes and around your mouth
  • Areas of darker skin pigmentation
  • Sun damage
  • Age spots and freckles
  • Skin texture
  • Acne scarring

Chemical peels are surface-level treatments, so they don’t treat deeper lines and severe wrinkles or tighten loose, sagging skin.

What are the different types of chemical peels?

The team at Chappell Rosso Dermatology and Laser & Aesthetic Center of the Permian Basin offer three levels of chemical peels that address a variety of skin concerns. After careful examination, they recommend which peel is right for you.

Level 1 chemical peels

For a Level 1 chemical peel, you receive a Jessner peel or a glycolic chemical peel. This type of surface peel rejuvenates sun-damaged skin and treats mild to severe acne. It also helps minimize the appearance of melasma (areas of darker pigmentation), moderate wrinkles, and actinic skin damage.

A Level 1 chemical peel provides mild to moderate exfoliation that lasts up to five days.

Level 2 chemical peels 

A SkinMedica® Vitalize peel offers predictable and noticeable results after just one treatment. A Level 2 peel smooths fine lines and wrinkles, improves the appearance of acne, and reduces hyperpigmentation and melasma. This is also a mild to moderate exfoliating peel that lasts up to three days.

Level 3 chemical peels

The team offers the SkinMedica Rejuvenize peel for men and women with more severe skin conditions. This peel works on moderately to severely sun-damaged skin, including lines and wrinkles. It also provides a noticeable improvement in skin tone and texture after a single peel.

Level 3 chemical peels reduce active acne, acne scarring, and melasma as well. This peel provides moderate exfoliation that lasts up to five days.

In some cases, Dr. Rosso recommends chemical peels in conjunction with microdermabrasion treatments for the most visible improvement.

To learn which chemical peel is best for you, call the office or schedule a consultation online.