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The outward signs of aging seem to creep up on you over the years until one day you look in the mirror and wonder when your skin became so much older in appearance. Board-certified dermatologists Robert Chappell, Jr., MD, and Ritchie Rosso, Jr., MD, and the medical aesthetic team at Chappell Rosso Dermatology and Laser & Aesthetic Center of the Permian Basin, specialize in Botox® and Dysport® treatments for adults in Odessa, Texas, and the surrounding communities who want to reclaim a more youthful visage. Call the office or schedule a consultation online to learn more about Botox and Dysport injections.

Botox Q & A

How does Botox work?

Botox is a solution made from a pure strain of botulinum toxin, and when your doctor or aesthetic specialist injects it into the treatment area, it forces your muscles to relax.

Botox temporarily paralyzes the facial muscles that cause wrinkles to form. Although your muscles relax, it’s important to note you’re still capable of making normal facial expressions.

Within 24-48 hours after you receive your Botox injections, the skin over the treated muscles smooths out, and fine lines and wrinkles appear less evident. Botox works best on moderate to severe frown lines and crow’s feet around your eyes.

It’s important to receive Botox injections from a board-certified physician like Dr. Rosso because he understands how your facial muscles are supposed to function, and he’s careful to use a low dose of Botox so you get the most natural-looking results.

How long do Botox results last?

You can expect Botox injections to last up to four months for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. If needed, after 3-6 months you can have additional Botox injections to maintain your desired youthful appearance.

How does Dysport work?

Dysport works like Botox in that it temporarily prevents muscle contractions below your skin’s surface that lead to frown lines.

Dysport is another type of anti-aging prescription injection that smooths out moderate to severe frown lines between your eyebrows without affecting the rest of your face, so you’re still able to make your usual facial expressions. Dysport has a reputation for delivering natural results in a single 10-20-minute treatment session with just five injections between and above your eyebrows.

Treatment results may last up to four months, and downtime is minimal, as it is for Botox too.

Who is a good candidate for Dysport?

Dysport works best on men and women under 65 who desire a more youthful appearance and have moderate to severe frown lines around the eyebrows.

Whether you select Botox or Dysport to relax your facial muscles, remember neither is a permanent solution. You’ll see a natural-looking improvement in lines and wrinkles around your eyes and forehead, but you may need to repeat the injections every several months to keep your desired look.

To learn more about Botox and Dysport, and which option is right for you, call the office or schedule a consultation online.