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Moles (Nevi)


For many Americans, even showing their face in the public domain can be difficult because of an unsightly mole or quasi-permanent skin growth that shrinks self-confidence and taints what others may think about them. Still, that doesn't mean you have to continue to feel the shame of such unattractive skin developments if you happen to be one of the many dermatologist patients in need of relief.

That's because at Laser & Aesthetic Center, you have lasting options that make your moles a thing of the past. The trusted dermatologist professionals on site will be happy to set you up with a treatment plan that's specific to your needs, applying years of knowledge and experience to their expert techniques for mole removal anywhere on your body.

Check out some facts about moles below:

Risk Factor

Most moles don't serve as a threat to your health, but if you notice one changing in size, shape, color or texture, it's best that you speak with a dermatologist about it pronto: it could be the beginning of a cancer growth. Once with the dermatologist, you will speak to him/her about every known detail you have about your mole's recent alterations, and he/she may do a biopsy of it to ensure that it's not cancerous. If it is, your dermatologist will usually surgically remove it for your best interest.

Treatment Options

As mentioned above, laser surgery is a leading option for mole removal procedures. Topical solutions also abound, though they aren't as effective for moles that are deeply rooted in your skin; having a dermatologist check to see just how embedded in your skin your mole is is paramount in taking the right step for its removal.

If you have an unsightly mole that's not welcome on your skin any longer, give the helpful dermatologist staff at Laser & Aesthetic Center a call at (432) 333-6603 today for totally clear skin right here in Odessa, TX

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