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Ways to Prevent Wrinkles

Discover the best ways to keep pesky wrinkles away.

While wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, there are still things that we can do to prevent them. Find out how to keep your skin youthful with these helpful hints from your Odessa, TX dermatologist.Wrinkles

Lather up

You are about to head outside to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Did you forget something? Only about two-thirds of American adults, and one-fourth of children, use sunscreen regularly. Each sunburn that you or your child experience increases the risk of skin cancer. Not to mention the fact that sun is the number one cause of premature aging. Next time you step outside don’t forget these rules:

Nix Cigarettes

One of the best ways to prevent premature aging is to ditch your smoking habit. Studies have found that smoking actually speeds up your skin’s aging process. The longer and more often you smoke, the more significant the impact on your skin.

And smoking doesn’t just cause wrinkles on your face. It can also cause skin damage to other parts of your body including your arms. While you can’t reverse the skin damage that’s been caused by smoking, you can prevent it from getting worse by quitting this bad habit for good.

Be Sun Smart

Sun exposure is one of the top reasons for premature wrinkles. While avoiding it altogether is near impossible, you can still be smart about your exposure. Besides wearing sunscreen, also opt for thicker fabrics that don’t allow for the sun’s rays to get through. Also, wear sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat on days when you’ll be out and about. We also recommend avoiding the sun during the hours of 10am to 3pm, when the sun’s rays are their strongest.

Lie on Your Back

When you get ready to tuck yourself into bed consider sleeping on your back instead. If you are sleeping on your stomach or side, lines become imprinted on your face. Over time these lines can become permanent wrinkles. Sleeping on your back will give new meaning to the term, beauty sleep.

If you are dealing with unsightly wrinkles and want to find out your options for getting your more youthful appearance back, then contact your Odessa, TX dermatologist at Laser & Aesthetic Center.

Robert L Chappell Jr. MD PA

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