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Ways a Dermatologist Can Help You Get Rid of Warts

If you are one of the many Odessa, TX residents unfortunate enough to have warts, you know just how uncomfortable, unsightly and annoying they can be. Warts do often go away on their own, but chances are you don't want to simply sit back and hope for the best. WartsYou want them gone, and you want them gone now.

While there is, unfortunately, no one best cure for warts, there are several treatments your Odessa, TX dermatologist can try. Read over your options, and then call Laser & Aesthetic Center to determine which treatment might be best for you.

Salicylic Acid

One of the most popular wart removal techniques, salicylic acid removes stubborn warts one layer at a time. Your Odessa, TX dermatologist will apply the acid directly to your wart in several separate treatments and will shave down the wart in between. Salicylic acid does often require a great deal of time and a number of office visits, but it is not generally painful and it has a low risk of side effects.


Cantharidin, also known as beetle juice, is another topical medication sometimes used for warts. Unlike salicylic acid, however, Cantharidin doesn't take warts off layer by layer. Instead, it causes a blister deep under the skin. This lifts the wart away from the underlying skin, allowing it to be removed or to simply fall off, depending on the depth of the wart.


Another common wart treatment, freezing typically involves one or more in-office liquid nitrogen treatments. When applied directly to your wart, the liquid nitrogen will cause a blister, similar to the Cantharidin treatment. When the blister comes off, it should take the wart with it. Liquid nitrogen treatments can be painful, but they generally require fewer treatments.

Laser Surgery

With laser surgery, your dermatologist will use a special laser to cauterize the blood vessels around your wart. Without blood flow, the tissues eventually die and fall off, taking the wart with them. This technique is not as common as others, but it is an option.

If your painful or unsightly warts are bothering you, don't just wait and hope they go away on their own. Call Laser & Aesthetic Center in Odessa, TX to find out how your trusted dermatologist, either Robert L. Chappell Jr. M.D. or Ritchie O. Rosso M.D., can help you finally get rid of your warts once and for all.

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