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The Benefits of Mohs Surgery for Saving Skin Health

At the Odessa, TX, dermatology office of Dr. Robert Chappell and Dr. Ritchie Rosso, we offer medical and surgical procedures to treat skin cancer. One such innovative procedure example is Mohs (pronounced MOHz or Moe’s) surgery. The procedure is named for Dr. Frederic Mohs, the surgeon who invented the technique.

Traditionally, when a person has a cancerous or potentially cancerous mole, a dermatologist will remove the mole and a portion of skin around it. This is known as a local excision. However, this procedure could involve removing too much healthy skin or not enough cancerous cells.

Mohs surgery is a more precise method for removing cancerous cells. The technique involves removing cells a small amount at a time. If the cells are not cancerous, then the procedure is concluded. However, if the cells are cancerous, either Dr. Chappell or Dr. Rosso will continue to remove cells until the samples are entirely non-cancerous. This provides peace of mind and may also leave less of a scar.

The results for Mohs surgery are that 99 percent of all skin cancers are removed -- a much higher amount than traditional “blind” skin cancer removal procedures. While not all moles or skin cancer require Mohs surgery to remove, having the option at our office can provide an enhanced outcome for our patients.

For more information on how Mohs surgery could help save your skin or to schedule a skin cancer check, please call our office at (432) 333-6603.

Robert L Chappell Jr. MD PA

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