Reducing Pesky Frown Lines With Dysport®

Are you starting to notice frown lines between your eyebrows? Wrinkles are a natural consequence of aging skin, but you don’t have to accept them as part of life. Environmental factors and natural facial expressions can cause fine lines and wrinkles while you still feel young, but you can take steps to counteract those signs of aging.

Dysport® is a prescription injectable that can target and reduce the appearance of your frown lines. It’s natural, effective, and convenient. The Chappell Rosso Dermatology and Laser & Aesthetic Center team in Odessa, Texas, offers Dysport® treatments to help you get back your youthful complexion.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Frown lines refer to the vertical wrinkles between your eyebrows. When you bring your eyebrows together, the skin between them pinches together and creases. Normal facial gestures and expressions such as squinting at bright lights, showing confusion, or frowning cause these lines to appear.

You may start to notice pesky frown lines even when your face is at rest, as though they’ve settled in permanently. This may surprise you, especially if you thought fine lines and wrinkles wouldn’t appear until you got a little older.

Aging does cause wrinkles, but not all of them. Muscle contractions and repetitive creasing of the skin cause it to lose its elasticity over time so it doesn’t bounce back anymore. The wrinkles stay put, even deepening and becoming more noticeable. Other causes of aging skin include:

Creases and fine lines in your complexion make it appear less youthful. Anti-aging regimens should include healthy habits and moisturizers, and they can be somewhat effective in minimizing the signs of age, but they’re rarely entirely effective on their own. Treatments with Dysport® offer a more noticeable reduction in frown lines, helping you regain your smooth, supple skin.

Benefits of Dysport®

Dysport® is an FDA-approved prescription injectable that smooths moderate to severe frown lines in men and women under age 65 by preventing muscle contractions that lead to wrinkled skin. Dysport® injections target only the muscles of the eyebrows, so the rest of your face doesn’t appear stiff or expressionless. After Dysport®, your skin looks natural and smooth, not frozen.

Dysport® injections are temporary, but they are highly effective. After your treatment, you see results in a few days, and the results can last up to four months. It isn’t less effective after multiple treatments, so later injections can have the same results as your first.

Another benefit is convenience. The injections are nonsurgical and require no anesthesia — you don’t have to prepare for a major procedure, and there’s minimal downtime for recovery.

Getting your injections

Before any procedure, one of our practitioners consults with you about your aesthetic concerns and treatment goals. We discuss your medical history and assess your skin to determine if Dysport® is right for you.

Your treatment appointment only takes 10-20 minutes. You receive five injections — two points above each eyebrow and one point between them. Possible side effects include nausea, nose or throat irritation, injection site pain or reaction, and eyelid swelling or drooping. Contact our office if you have any major or concerning reaction to the injections.

If you’re ready to learn more about Dysport® and its potential for reducing your frown lines, call Chappell Rosso Dermatology and Laser & Aesthetic Center or request an appointment online today.

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