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Laser Therapy for Spider Veins: What to Expect

Everyone knows that veins are vital parts of the circulatory system, but many don’t realize that they work tirelessly against gravity to transport blood from your body back to your heart. Normally, all this work goes on behind the scenes. And that’s good, because despite all the good they do, you’d prefer that your veins stay below your skin where they belong. 

Unfortunately, in approximately 60% of adults, these veins malfunction, become damaged, and eventually become visible through the surface of the skin, causing a condition known as spider veins. 

If you’re one of these individuals, we know just how frustrating living with spider veins can be. That’s why our team of experts at Chappell Rosso Dermatology and The Laser & Aesthetic Center is dedicated to providing you with the best, most advanced laser therapy treatment available. 

What are spider veins?

Before diving into your treatment options for spider veins, it’s important to understand why you have them in the first place.  

Because your veins work so hard day in and day out, they’re extremely vulnerable and can easily become damaged. For example, when the tiny one-way valves inside your veins that help send your blood back to your heart and prevent backflow stop working properly, your blood struggles against the force of gravity and eventually heads back down in the wrong direction and pools in place.

When your blood pools, your veins bulge and become visible as thin blue, purple, or red lines, webs, or branches across the surface of your skin, typically your legs or face.  

Virtually anyone can get spider veins, but there are some factors that increase your chances, including:

Spider veins aren’t serious health threats and rarely cause pain or symptoms, but they are cosmetic headaches. We treat spider veins quickly, safely, and effectively with advanced laser therapy treatments.

How can laser therapy get rid of my spider veins?

Because your spider veins are damaged, nonoperational veins, the best way to treat them is to eliminate the veins completely. We do that with the power of medical-grade light energy from the Excel V® system. 

The handheld device delivers light energy into the deepest layers of your skin, which your veins absorb and change into heat. The heat quickly destroys the veins from the inside out.

Your body eventually processes the remnants of your damaged veins and removes them as waste, leaving you with clear, flawless skin. 

What can I expect from laser therapy?

It might sound like an invasive procedure, but laser therapy for spider veins is virtually painless and noninvasive. Before you arrive for your appointment, we recommend that you limit your sun exposure, but you can otherwise maintain your daily routine

Once you arrive, you’ll recline comfortably during your session, and we apply a cooling gel on the surface of your skin to make the process even more comfortable. 

As the light energy passes through your skin, you may experience a mild snapping or pinching sensation. You’ll be able to return to your normal routine after your treatment without spending time in recovery. 

You may need a few treatments over a few months to get the best results. Our experts recommend the correct amount of treatments to ensure that you’ll be rid of your spider veins for good. 

There’s no need to spend another day living with spider veins when the treatment you need is right around the corner. Come talk to our specialists about your options for spider vein removal. 

Call our Odessa, Texas office, or request an appointment online today. 

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