Dermal Fillers Can Give You the Youthful Skin You Desire

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It can be a big shock when you look in the mirror and see facial wrinkles that suggest an age that far exceeds how you feel. If this is the case, dermal fillers (also known as facial fillers) might be what you need to get youthful-looking skin that matches your actual age or vitality.

What’s causing the wrinkles

A variety of factors can cause wrinkles, including genetics, lifestyle habits, environmental exposures, and more. There are four types of wrinkles:



However, dermal fillers can reduce the appearance of some wrinkles.

What are dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are substances that are injected into the skin to create fuller, more youthful skin. Some common dermal filler substances include:



Why you might want dermal fillers

Though there are different ways to reduce wrinkles or make your skin appear more youthful, dermal fillers may be the best option if you want to improve:

Dermal fillers are not designed to:

Dermal fillers may require multiple sessions.

Finding a dermatologist in Texas

Dermal filler injections aren’t without risks. These can include:

That’s why it’s so important to get a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to perform your dermal filler injection session. At Chappell Rosso Dermatology and The Laser & Aesthetic Center in Odessa, Texas, you’ll meet an expert team of skin care professionals to discuss if dermal fillers are the right option for you.

Call or go online to request an appointment today to learn more.

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